Full Moon Canoodling with Mars

Date: December 7, 2022

Full Moon in Gemini perfecting on December 7th, 2022 at 9:08 PM MST. Pictured are 2 cats facing off with front paws on a stool. Grey cut winding up to bop an orange long hair cat.

We have a Full Moon In Gemini coming tonight, and as the Moon comes to oppose the Sun it will canoodle with Mars. The Mars/Moon aspect is very tight- 6 minutes applying, meaning the aspect is very active and dynamic. Lots of words will be flying, tempers may be flared- saying things you may want to take back might be a thing. Mars usually brings conflict with it and in wordy Gemini a battle of information is a theme. The Moon brings emotions into it, so we can assume that one side will see the other as overly emotional and not objective. In reality, neither side is objective and being able to see the other perspective more clearly is the gift of a full Moon.

Mars with the Moon brings irritability, competitiveness and impatience, and you may find yourself making hasty decisions. With Mars being retrograde you could find yourself being angry about things that happened in the past, or memories coming up generating anger that hasn’t been dealt with. Sleep could be evasive as your mind may be going a million miles a minute. As I’ve said before where this Mars retrograde is concerned- breathe and get into your body when you find your mind running away from you. Mars opposite the Sun can bring up ego issues- keep in mind that these kinds of conflicts don’t generally go well for whoever is letting their ego run their mouth.

Using the competitive and energetic influence of this Full Moon with Mars in a positive way may include, exercise, sports, games- physical competition and /or mental competition are ways to burn off some of the testy Mars vibes so they don’t turn into negative outbursts.

Another layer of this lunation is Mercury – ruler of Gemini- is in Capricorn. Mercury in Capricorn can feel like it’s the expert. It can get dug in in it’s ideas and have a hard time seeing others’ perspectives. On the positive side, Mercury in this sign can get a lot of work done, so a good use of this energy might be to make a pragmatic plan on how you want to move forward. With Mars Canoodling with the Moon it can be a good time to stand up for yourself as this pairing can inspire bravery.

To sum up- it won’t be dull. Try to think before you react- this might save you heartache moving forward. Simply, take a beat before saying what’s on your mind if you can. Mars is a troublesome scamp though, so it should make for some interesting times. Shopping online is probably safer than being out with people. And drive safely- nobody is gonna have much patients.

Be kind to yourself! xo