New Moon and Solstice- Bring it on!

Date: December 21, 2022

Image of a goat precariously perched on a mountain side New Moon perfects on December 23rd at 3:16 am mountain standard time at 01 degree and 32 minutes Capricorn.


Solstice on Wednesday and a New Moon on Friday- Bring it on! The Solstice begins December 21st at 2:48 pm MST. I always welcome this season change enthusiastically. While it marks the beginning of winter where I live, it’s also the time when the days start to get longer. I won’t notice it for several weeks, but psychologically, I’m optimistic that brighter days are coming.

This Solstice chart has a feeling of finishing things off. The Moon is in its Balsamic phase and this is a time for endings, rest, quiet and looking into the past to decide how you want to move forward- much like the resting seeds underground the Winter Solstice represents. It’s a beautiful time to look back in gratitude to help you know which parts you want to take into your future.

The Sun is very tightly square Jupiter at zero degrees Aries- that’s an energetic aspect, in energetic signs at an energetic degree. Unfortunately, Mars, which is in charge of Jupiter right now, is still retrograde in Gemini. This leads me to think the intense energy of the Sun and Jupiter has the potential to be misused and wasted. Either by wasting time trying to make a decision or choosing the wrong direction (choosing to focus on an area that won’t lead you anywhere). A good example of this would be to start something brand new when what’s best indicated is to focus on finishing what you’ve already started, using gifts you’re confident in, or perfecting a completed project. There will be better times to start things in the New Year -Like the New Moon on January 21st.

This New Moon is at one degree and 32 minutes Capricorn and perfects at 3:16 am MST. The Sun and Moon have joined Venus, Mercury and Pluto in the sign of the mystic goat. Other than Neptune, we have no planets in Water signs, leaving the sky quite dehydrated. This can translate literally- drinking extra water is important now. With that much Cap energy you may find folks are a bit militant about tradition this season. You may find folks a little competitive. There’s a marked pragmatism all around. I noticed it on social media, and even in my own and my family’s decisions around gifts ideas this year. With Mars in Gemini, playing games should be fun, but try to avoid getting too know it all…other than that, have fun with it!

If you’re going to do any New Moon intension work, focusing on responsibilities, or mastering a skill would be powerful places to concentrate. Are there responsibilities you can let go of or new responsibilities you’re almost ready to take on? Considering how you want to move forward, which seeds you’d like to see grow in the future and which plants should stay dead are areas to ponder. This year ahead, as Pluto moves back and forth from Capricorn to Aquarius, will be part of our collective vibe. So as we prepare to move forward collectively,  take a beat to decide how you want to move into this new 20 year period, but also remember to give yourself credit for what you’ve done so far!

Sending love and a wish for life to be gentle with you. xoxo