Aquarius New Moon

Date: January 19, 2023

Teal background with a swooshe of white light from right to left across the image.  January 21 2023 at 1:53 Pm mountain standard time New Moon at 1 degree and 32 minutes of Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius perfects on January 21st at 1:53 pm Mountain time. Welcome to the first New Moon of the Year! Aquarius energy is often about learning to be detached to the emotions of the thing. Processing information intellectually is preferred to intuition or emotional exploration.  That’s not to say that Aquarians are not emotional- that is not what I’m saying at all, so don’t come at me on this.

When thinking about what you’d like to usher in with this New Moon, consider whether there’s anywhere you need to create personal space. The traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn is snuggling up to Venus during this New Moon and I tend to see the planetary combination as an  loving boundaries- So this New Moon is an opportunity to create loving boundaries where you need to. Saturn rules time- so maybe you need to create boundaries around how your time is being used.

I generally connect Aquarius with the internet, so for this New Moon in Aquarius, maybe setting restrictions for yourself around screen time and social media is in order. Is there a situation where you need to say “no”- use this new Moon to be able to detach from guilt and set that boundary for yourself. Here’s a good article about boundaries.

We have an awkward connection between Mars and Mercury happening, so even though they are finally both moving in the right direction, they’re creating trouble for each other. It might continue to feel like Mercury is mucking with things, but it will pass. Make adjustments and be adaptable, and any glitches should be easily weathered.

The combination of Saturn and Venus can also have us reevaluate our values, or relationships, and whether they still work within our current beingness. If a relationship feels too restricting, or our values have led to us placing unnecessary limitations on ourselves, now’s the time to change that. Some people may be struck with an overwhelming desire to break free, or downsize, or diet (Saturn is restriction and Venus rules sugar). If any of this applies to you, move forward thoughtfully and you’ll get better results. When Saturn connects with Venus, it can be hard on self-esteem or self-worth, so be gentle with yourself and others, this can be an unfun planetary combination.

Again! The sky is sooooo dry- so keep up your water intake, or spend some time near water. It’s funny that when this cosmic draught began, I was finally motivated to re-set up my copper fountain- and it really did make me feel better.

Anyway, this Aquarius New Moon plus Mercury and Mars being direct should have us feeling like were moving forward. It finally feels like a new year and like we can have a fresh start in some direction. Maybe the Aquarius Moon will drop in some new ideas for you moving forward. Just remember to be grateful, and be kind to yourself. xo