Libra Full Moon

Date: April 5, 2023

image of a solid outline of a centaur raising it's spear as it rides into battle. Right side of image says Full Moon at 16 degrees 07 minutes perfects on April 5th at 10:34 PM Mountain time.

The latest Full Moon is in Libra at 16 degrees and 7 minutes. It perfects at 10:34 PM Mountain time on April 5th – that’s 9:34 Pacific and 12:34 AM on April 6th Eastern.

This Full Moon features Mercury cozied up to the North Node, while Mercury is also aspecting Saturn. These planets are close to where the eclipse will take place at the next New Moon, so to me this lunation feels prophetic– like in the next 2 weeks, this Moon will bring into light the issues that’ll arise during the eclipse. Because the North Node tends to indicate an excess of something, and Mercury represents information, I’d say we may be flooded with it- an actual example of TMI. Keep an eye out for repeating themes in your life during this time.

When Saturn’s part of the conversation people may be held to account for their bad behavior.  It’s not the time to fake it ’til you make it. It’s a time when you may be rewarded for doing your due diligence, for being honest, for being authentic. There’s some Karma to be handed out.

With Chiron within a degree of the Sun, realizations about ourselves may be painful. Themes of self-actualization and individuation are highlighted. Part of Chiron in Aries is learning not to focus on what we don’t want. With Chiron conjunct the Sun, and the Moon in Libra, we need to ask ourselves – How do I please or placate others to facilitate my own survival? In Chiron and the Healing Journey, Melanie Reinhart says of Chiron and the Sun:

With Chiron aspecting the Sun, the healing of our suffering may come through recognizing our individual place in the wider context of life as a whole, ‘the laughter of compassion wells up from the human heart’. We are called upon not to shine for ourselves alone, but for the greater glory of God.

Remember Full Moons illuminate situations and makes it hard to ignore what we haven’t wanted to see. I love this quote from Martin Goldsmith’s Moon Phases a Symbolic Key:

At the exact Full Moon the spirit seems to hover over the body, and for a moment we are able to see ourselves and the world with complete objectivity. Everything is revealed, for the physical body has become transparent to the soul within. Blind spots, defects of character, and unrealized potentials are all apparent, but on the whole it is a picture both beautiful and endearing.

We’ll need to see past the fragile wounding of Chiron to embrace what is illuminated as ‘beautiful and endearing’ in ourselves. With the Sun soon to connect to Jupiter (April 10th – 11th), we will find it easier to recover from any difficulties that arise out of the Full Moon in Libra. Being optimistic or seeing the silver lining will be facilitated by the Sun joining it’s right hand man at the same degree of Aries. The important thing through it all is to remain grounded, realistic and take advantage of opportunities that aren’t too good to be true.

Be brave and remember to be kind- especially to yourself. xo