Hybrid Solar Eclipse and Mercury too!

Date: April 18, 2023

Blue Green background, showing fait white constellations scattered around the image. Consult the Sky star logo in Green in the center of the image. Below it reads Solar Eclipse April 19th 2023, 10:12 PM MDT. 29 Aries 50.

We have a hybrid Solar Eclipse plus Mercury goes retrograde in the next couple of days. A Hybrid Eclipse happens when the Eclipse will be total in some parts of the world, but partial in others. So, the eclipse effects will be more intense in Asia and Australia, where it’ll be seen as total. Where I am, the Solar Eclipse will perfect at 10:12 Pm Mountain time, so this will be on April 20th for those in Eastern time zones and beyond, while it is still the 19th here.

There are a few features of this eclipse that intensify the effects. The Sun and Moon are at 29 degrees and 50 minutes of Aries. This means each of the lights is about to change signs. I experience planets at 29 degrees as a sense of anticipation or anxiety- you can feel that change is imminent. This can feel either exciting or stressful; there’s a sense of anticipation of change which can have people feeling stressed. There’s a feeling of urgency, and we’re not implementing our logic skills to get things done. It doesn’t help that we have very little air in terms of planet placements. The only planet in an air sign is Venus in Gemini- and that’s not really a logical combination. Venus signifies what we want, and Gemini has a challenge with making choices- so it’s not a calming force in this feeling of urgency.

A theme connected to planets in the last degree of a sign is change- something is about to change. You may have been feeling this coming on, or there may be a sudden shift- it depends where it’s happening for you. This Eclipse is taking place at the North Node of the Moon so, according to Dietrech Pessin in Lunar Shadows III, a Solar Eclipse at the North Node indicates the beginning of a new phase. What she says of a Solar Eclipse in Aries-

This eclipse can bring focus on personal beginnings. There can be attention to your overall health, body building or cosmetic surgery. Independence may be the theme and sometimes relationships can be difficult to maintain at this time, with the increased potential for aggression, resentment and pioneering urges. This may be a learning period about your personality. You may feel identified with a mission or an important cause. You may grapple with gender issues or want a totally new outlook for you life.

With the New Moon at 29 degrees, this comes with a strong message there’s something you have to finish before starting the new thing though. Clearing the way for the something new is important. If there had been a dumpster outside my house this week, I would have purged half the stuff here. I have an almost overpowering desire to throw everything out and start over -it’s close to being an ache.

In Predictive Astrology; The Eagle and the Lark, Bernadette Brady says of this Eclipse cycle:

A sensual family of eclipses, ranging from sudden sexual passions and lust to birth and procreative drives. This series is not subtle, and can catch people off guard and confront them with their own very deep passion which may have been hidden for many years.

Based on these interpretations, it certainly won’t be dull. The world really does seem frantic energetically these days. You can’t go wrong taking some quiet time to reflect on what’s going on for you. I highly recommend including some grounding breathwork while we lack planets in air. The more we can stay centered, the better decisions we’ll make. Mars in Cancer has everything emotionally super charged and that’s not all.

Mercury retrograde april 21st - may 16th 2023 . One a teal background. A Mercury Symbol seemingly made of smoke pictured underneath the words.Mercury’s about to go retrograde. It’s already in Taurus, which slows Mercury stuff down, but for it to then slow and retrograde indicates we’re in for a fun ride when it comes to all things Mercury. With the blast we get from the eclipse, Mercury will ask us to reflect, revise and remain still. Bolting forward won’t lead anywhere great for most of us. Do some energetic clearing of your space while you purge and reorganize. That’ll be a nice way to work with both eclipse and Mercury retrograde dynamics.

Judith Hill in Eclipses and You suggests we light 2 candles, one representing the Sun and one representing the Moon before and after the Perfecting of the New Moon. The light of the candle is meant to replace the blocked out light of the Sun. I really love the symbolism of this. If we are feeling lost in the dark and don’t know which way to go next, creating some of our own light in the short term may show us the way. Be kind to yourself, and gentle with others. xoxo