New Moon in Taurus

Date: May 18, 2023

Purple, Teal and mint green panels behind a purple Taurus symbol pictured up against the night sky and the Taurus constellation.


The New Moon in Taurus Perfects at 9:53 AM Mountain time on Friday May 19th, 2023 at 28 degrees and 25 minutes. If you’re someone who has personal planets or angles in your chart at 28/29 or 00/01 degrees, there are a lot of planets affecting you now. Especially if they’re in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

This new cycle is marked by a square between Jupiter at zero degrees of Taurus and Pluto at zero degrees Aquarius. Mars will join the party tomorrow when it goes into Leo. I love what my friend Greg had to say over at Star Struck Style:

…any new moon in Taurus is going to encourage us to apply the most positive Taurus traits to our current circumstances in order to move forward. Tenacity is one of those traits. Taurus natives have the innate ability to stick with a project and follow it through to its completion.

However, with the major T-square formed by Jupiter to the current Mars/Pluto opposition, we might believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the hill at the moment. There is a chance that a project we resolve to take on at this time is simply too grand in its scope or unrealistically ambitious. For that reason, even the most tenacious amongst us may be prone to fail in the current cosmic climate.

So, instead of gazing off into the distance to the other side of the hill this weekend, get in touch with the grass under your own feet. Stop for a moment to appreciate what you’ve got instead of making lofty goals to get even more. Let your worth be defined by what you do have rather than what you don’t have. The potential to make major mistakes is in the stars, especially when making major purchases that make us feel good about ourselves, or entering into agreements based upon inflated opinions of our own abilities.

Squares tend to be very active aspects, but Mars square Jupiter doesn’t know its limits, and Pluto takes it to a whole other level. We might see some crazy power grabs, and over estimations of people’s power. There’s an interesting story in Ecuador if you dig politics. The president dissolved their Parliament (called something else I can’t think of right now) because he’s being impeached… The timing of that event with this particular astrology, definitely has me wanting to see how it plays out!

On a personal level, watch out for power struggles. Manage your anger in a healthy way- our reactions may not be proportionate to the circumstances. With so many planets and points in the fixed signs, we may tend to become stuck in our opinions and habits. The best way to avoid Greg’s description of the scenario is to use the New Moon to ground yourself. Get out into nature, plant some seeds- literally, not figuratively. Remain firmly in your body and enjoy life from that perspective.

The good news is Mars will bring some fire back into the planetary energy, and the Sun going into Gemini will bring in the air element, creating some elemental diversity. This will be a huge relief to all of us airy buggers who’d rather think about our feelings than feel them. Mars in Leo can be a bit of a trip though…an ego trip. So try to keep your ego in check, especially if you find yourself in conflict- you might not be right and that’s okay.

Enjoy this fresh energy- the freshest we’ve had in a while. Make some intensions, and be sure to be centered and grounded when you do.

OH, and be kind to yourself! xo