Happy New Moon in Gemini!

Date: June 15, 2023

twins babies with bunny ear hats, beside it says NEw Moon in Gemini perfects June 17, 2023 at at 10:36 PM

This Gemini New Moon at 26°43′, perfect Saturday June 17th at 10:36 PM MDT, 12:36 AM on the 18th EDT and 9:36 PM PDT.

The Gemini qualities of this New Moon are strong because the ruler of Gemini, Mercury is also in Gemini- so there’s a purity to this Mercurial vibe. It would be worth it to take a look at where Gemini is in your chart, and see what newness can grow out of that area of your life.

Linda Hill and her Sabian Symbols website describes this New Moon degree of Gemini as:


This Symbol shows that there is a desire to attempt or achieve something that is at times far off or out of reach. It takes courage to be something of a foreigner or an outcast and still venture out into society seeking its rewards and enticements. Perhaps you don’t have financial resources or conventional accreditation behind you. It could be the constraints of friends and family that are holding you back from being able to strike out on your own. Wanting and trying to participate, even when you don’t initially command respect or acceptance, is difficult, but with perseverance, rewarding. A place to truly call home needs to be found. Set your sights high and go for it.

Dreaming of being a part of something far-off or bigger. Lessons to be streetwise. New perspectives arising from larger realities. Striking out on one’s own. Corporate realities.

Dissatisfaction and looking elsewhere. Feelings of not belonging. Being in limbo. Alienation. Abandonment of home and family. Restrictions. Limits of activity.

This will be a great time to set intentions for the next month. If you’re so inclined- beginning or reinstating Gemini activities like Journal writing, or mantra/affirmation meditation are very well supported during this time. Taking up activities that involve dexterity to help with stress and mind clearing is also very potent with this new Moon and Mercury in Gemini as Gemini rules the hands. Reaching out to chat with people you love and who entertain you, having meaning conversations, gathering important information for a new project- all Mercurial! Games nights are also great ways to enjoy Gemini energy.

The added benefit of this New Moon in Gemini

The next sign the Moon moves into is Cancer, where the Moon rules supreme- so holding off on setting intension until Sunday or Monday when the Moon is in rulership (cancer), and still in the New Moon phase will give any New Moon magic extra juice. Writing down your intensions has extra meaning when the New Moon’s in Gemini, and so does starting an affirmation practice. Writing, words, lists are all Gemini activities, so setting intensions, then creating a todo list of how to make them happen, and then selecting a daily affirmation you’d use every morning during a breathing exercise would be this New Moon’s trifecta! (well actually quadrifecta? since breathing and affirmation are 2 things, but trifecta sounded better).

Here are some affirmation ideas:

I love and am loved everyday in every moment.

I am exactly where I’m meant to be to achieve my highest purpose.

I am flexible and allow change gracefully.

My life is beautiful and rewarding.

My plans turn out exactly how they are intended for my highest and best good.

Today is a beautiful day and will be filled with love and miracles.

That last affirmation is one of my faves to start a day I know will be intense. I usually say it 10 times before I get outa bed. I wish I remembered to do it more often, but when I do, it always starts me out on a great footing, and miracles do happen. The second one is my go to when I feel overwhelmed and start doubting what I’ve got going on. It works EVERY time to bring me back to center when I accompany it with some deep breaths. When I was first using affirmations- it took a while (like I had to recite them many many times) until they felt true. Now, it only takes a few recitations (usually) and they do the trick.

If you’re someone who has a tough time calming down a busy brain, affirmations and mantras are the perfect way to focus your thoughts. Busy brain is a Mercury thing, so when you give it words to focus on- words are also Mercury’s realm- giving Mercury something it wants or likes tends to appease the over active Mercury.

Be kind to yourself and enjoy the good things from this New Moon in Gemini! xoxo