Full Moon in Capricorn!

Date: June 30, 2023

an image of the Full Moon, perfects on July 3rd at 6:45 am mountain time

The Full Moon in Capricorn perfects Monday Morning at 6:45 am MDT, 5:45 am PDT, 7:45 CDT, 8:45 am EDT and 9:45 ADT. This is the most sober of the Full Moons- the one time of year we have a Full Moon in its sign of detriment. Emotions aren’t easily expressed with the Moon in Capricorn- emotions are something to be managed rather than felt.

When the full Moon is in Capricorn, there is a focus on responsibilities, career matters, and long-term goals. During this Full Moon, there may be a heightened sense of ambition and a drive to succeed. It can be a time to evaluate progress, assess your professional or personal goals, and make necessary adjustments to achieve them. This Full Moon emphasizes the need for structure, organization, and hard work.

Capricorn’s influence encourages a practical and realistic approach to life, urging you to take practical steps towards your ambitions. It’s an opportune time to seek balance between your personal and professional life, and to ensure that you’re investing your time and energy into what truly matters to you. The commitments you make are important now, especially think about how you want to use your time- choose tasks that will be the most productive and also satisfying.

We don’t have any planets in air, and other than the brief transits of the Moon, this won’t change until Mars moves into Libra at the end of August. Remember to take time to breathe, let the wind blow through your hair- any way you can increase air flow will help lighten things up. Before Mars enters Libra, we get to enjoy a month and a half of Mars in Virgo (July 10th – August 28th). July 10th is a pivotal day in July as we have Mars moving from fire into earth and Mercury shifting from water to fire.

Mars in Virgo combines the assertive and active nature of Mars with the practical and analytical qualities of Virgo, an earth sign associated with detail-oriented thinking, organization, and efficiency. When Mars is in Virgo we can access more self-discipline and focused on goals. We can approach work and daily routines with more dedication and determination, striving for excellence in what we do. We may be more inclined towards health and wellness, as well as a desire for tidiness and order.

On the flip side, Mars in Virgo can sometimes lead to tendencies of perfectionism or becoming overly critical, both towards ourselves and others. We may set high standards and expectations, which can create a sense of pressure or self-criticism. Learning to balance a drive for perfection with self-acceptance and compassion is important during this transit.

Mercury in Leo (July 10th – 31st) encourages us to speak our minds with conviction and passion. It amplifies self-expression and encourages us to share ideas and opinions in a confident and charismatic way. This transit can inspire creativity and a desire to be seen and heard.

With this transit we may find ourselves naturally more outgoing, seeking opportunities to shine and share unique perspectives. We may have a flair for dramatic storytelling, captivating others with an engaging communication style. This influence can also enhance public speaking abilities and leadership qualities.

In Leo, Mercury encourages us to think big and dream boldly. It supports a positive and optimistic mindset, fueling inspiration and encouraging us to take risks in pursuing goals and aspirations. This transit can ignite a sense of self-belief and motivation, empowering us to pursue our passions and express our true selves.

It’s important to remember that Mercury in Leo can sometimes lean towards pride or stubbornness. There could be a tendency to assert one’s opinions forcefully or resist considering alternative viewpoints. It’s crucial to balance the confidence and self-assuredness of Leo with an openness to diverse perspectives and respectful communication. Overall, Mercury in Leo brings a vibrant, expressive, and confident energy to communication and thinking processes. It’s a time to embrace your unique voice, share your passions, and boldly express yourself while remaining open to the perspectives of others.

As this is a Full Moon – a time of release- are there any time wasters you can get rid of? What can you release in order to be more effective? Be kind to yourself. xo

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