The Finger of Fate (Yod)- Transformation, Glamour and Delusion

Date: July 31, 2023

The Finger of Fate, Transformation, Glamour and Delusion with an image of a bright blue, violet and indigo Nebula in the background.


We’ve had a Yod brewing for weeks now. It’s not usual for Venus to be part of any configuration for any length of time. Venus cruises along at about a degree per day, so to say the planet has been involved in an aspect pattern with Pluto and Neptune since she travelled through the 28th degree of Leo back in mid July (2 1/2 weeks now) is rare . It’s because she stationed (we perceive that she slowed down to retrograde) at 28°36′ of Leo so was moving very slowly when she reached the previous degree and continues to move slowly through the last 3 degrees of the sign of Leo. This means she’s holding in a 150º aspect to both Pluto and Neptune.

A Yod (also called the “Finger of God” or “Finger of Fate”) with Venus as the finger, forming a quincunx to Pluto, which is sextile Neptune, and both Pluto and Neptune are quincunx to Venus. This configuration is complex and can have profound effects both natally and when it occurs by transit.

A Yod is a rare and potentially powerful aspect pattern in astrology that creates a unique energy dynamic which can present challenges, fated events, and opportunities for growth and transformation.

  1. Venus quincunx Pluto: With Venus quincunx (inconjunct) Pluto, themes related to love, relationships, values, self- worth and belongings may come under intense scrutiny and renewal. There could be power struggles or issues of control within relationships. Deep-seated emotions and psychological patterns might surface, urging you to confront hidden desires and attachments. This can lead to a process of letting go of old patterns to make way for more authentic and fulfilling connections.
  2. Pluto sextile Neptune: The sextile between Pluto and Neptune allows for a harmonious flow of energy between these two outer planets. It might bring about a blend of intense emotional experiences (Pluto) and heightened spiritual or creative sensitivity (Neptune). This aspect could enhance intuition, giving us the ability to perceive deeper layers of reality and inspire profound insights and healing potential. There’s also a lot of room for those inclined to go deeper down rabbit holes of conspiracy and alternate narratives.
  3. Neptune quincunx Venus: this aspect creates a sense of romantic idealism and heightened sensitivity in relationships. You might experience feelings of spiritual connection or a desire for a soulmate-like experience in love. However, there could also be a risk of deception or disillusionment in relationships due to overly idealistic expectations. Boundaries in love and finances may become blurred, leading to potential challenges in understanding your desires and needs clearly.

When these three aspects come together to form a Yod, the energies of Venus, Pluto, and Neptune converge in a way that pushes you to confront profound emotional, relational, and spiritual themes. This transit may trigger significant shifts in your personal values, how you relate to others, how you value yourself and how you express your creativity and passions.

To add a layer to this story is that Pluto is square the transiting nodal axis, which increases the fated feeling to this configuration and to everyone’s lives right now. Whether it is or not, this time feels very important. This Yod never actually perfects as a whole, so the chances that fated events don’t work out as we expect is very high. Keep that in mind in order to keep one foot solidly in reality right now.

It’s essential to remain open to self-discovery, embrace change, and avoid getting caught up in illusions or power struggles during this transit. Remember- all that glitters is not gold! It could just be a pile of dog poop, loaded with the sparkles Champ ate at the kids birthday party the day before! If navigated with your eyes wide open, this Finger of fate can bring about powerful transformations and open up new pathways for personal growth and spiritual development. Keep in mind the specific impact of this configuration depends on your individual birth chart and other ongoing transits.

Big Love xo