New Moon in Leo

Date: August 16, 2023

Picture of a Lion and to the right side it read New Moon in Leo 23 degrees and 17 minutes perfecting August 16th at 3:38 AM Mountain time

We woke this morning to a lovely shift in energy, into a New Moon in Leo. It perfected at 3:38 AM here in MST, so while we slept, the Moon kissed the Sun and moved on. She is nothing if not a fickle bitch!

This is an unusually quiet New Moon chart. The only strong aspect the Sun and Moon are making is a square to Uranus. As a matter of fact, Uranus is the transit star this week, receiving aspects from the New Moon, then Mars tomorrow. The height of the square from the Sun and Moon to Uranus actually hit before the New Moon kicked in, so this frustrating energy was the prelude to the New Moon.

When the Sun and Moon square Uranus in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), we may expect intense moments of disruption and a desire for change in areas of life that we might usually seek stability in. Fixed energy resists change, making the unpredictability of Uranus especially stressful. The tension between maintaining the status quo (Sun in fixed signs) and the push for big change (Uranus) can lead to sudden breaks in routine, rebellious behavior, or unexpected events. The best way to deal with it is with flexibility during this transit because resistance can exacerbate tension.

Because this happened before the New Moon but is still in play for this lunar cycle, we will have a longer lingering effect from this transit than we usually would. Anyone with planets or points at 26-28 degrees of the fixed signs may experience a need for change that is unshakable or undeniable. Uranus has a funny way of getting what it wants… I.E., creating change for you if you don’t facilitate it on your own, so keep that in mind if you’ve been ignoring an important call to action.

The New Moon at 27 degrees of Leo represents themes of self-expression, creativity, and heart-centered pursuits. Leo’s powerful energy seeks the spotlight, urging us to embrace our individuality and passions. As the New Moon marks beginnings, this is a perfect time to initiate projects that allow one’s inner radiance to shine. Embrace confidence, joy, and the playful spirit of Leo to manifest your heart’s desires.

The Mars trine Uranus we’ll experience Wednesday and Thursday will provide extra energy and bravery to take on new and exciting projects. Be kind to yourself – the Leo New Moon definitely wants you to know you are a rockstar! xo