Retrograde Rendezvous

Date: August 22, 2023

view of a beach from a drone. Words say Retrogrades a plenty.


A Retrograde Rendezvous: When the Planets Take a Step Back

There are retrogrades a plenty! But, isn’t all happening at once. Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto went retrograde over the last several weeks. Mercury joins tomorrow and Uranus on my birthday- the 29th. I reference Jupiter here because I’ve already talked about Venus, and Venus and Jupiter are swapping on September 4th.

All of these big celestial players are hitting the cosmic rewind button, and it’s bound to stir things up a bit. And for some of us -those born between August 29th until Mid September- we’ll have this retrograde energy in our birthday chart- so it’s a theme for the entire year. Those born September 15th- Oct 11th will have 5 planets retrograde instead of 6. The Libras get off a tiny bit easier because their ruling planet Venus won’t be retrograde- but it’s still bound to be a slowed down pace for the year anyway.

Now, you might be thinking, “Retrograde? Doesn’t that just mean my phone’s going to stop working and I’ll miss my bus?” Well, not exactly. Let’s break down what’s really happening when these planets go retrograde, and what it might mean for us earthlings.

Mercury Retrograde: The Communicator’s Pause

We’ll start with the one that happens most often: Mercury retrograde. Despite its bad rap, it’s not all about lost emails and miscommunications. Mercury retrograde invites us to slow down and reflect, particularly on how we communicate and make decisions.

Think of it like a friend saying, “Hey, remember that text you sent last week? Maybe it’s worth thinking about it again.” It’s a time to review, reassess, and maybe even rewrite our mental scripts. (Aug 23rd – Sept. 14th)

Jupiter Retrograde: The Growth Guru’s Retreat

Jupiter is all about expansion and abundance, but when it goes retrograde, it’s like a wise mentor asking us to look inward for growth. Instead of seeking opportunities and wisdom externally, Jupiter retrograde asks us to dig deep and find those treasures within ourselves.

Ever had that feeling that you need to rethink your life goals? Or maybe tap into a more spiritual part of yourself? That’s Jupiter retrograde knocking on your door, asking you to fine-tune your beliefs and balance your optimism with a dose of reality. (Sept. 4th – Dec. 30th)

Saturn Retrograde: The Taskmaster’s Homework

Saturn’s the one that keeps us all in line. It’s like that strict teacher who makes sure we’re doing our homework and learning our life lessons. When Saturn goes retrograde, it’s like a progress report on our responsibilities and commitments.

Been avoiding a responsibility or ignoring a life lesson? Saturn retrograde will tap you on the shoulder and say, “Hey, let’s take a look at this again.” It’s a time for strengthening foundations, making amends for past mistakes, and even deepening commitments that truly matter. (June 18th – Nov. 3rd)

Uranus Retrograde: The Rebel’s Reflection

Uranus is the wild child of the zodiac. It’s all about innovation, rebellion, and breaking free. But when it goes retrograde, it’s time for an internal revolution. What makes you unique? What needs to change within yourself?

Uranus retrograde might give you a nudge to reconnect with your individuality or prepare for sudden shifts in your life. It’s like a creative genius whispering, “What if you look at things THIS way instead?” (Aug. 29th – Jan. 27th)

Neptune Retrograde: The Dreamer’s Wake-Up Call

Dreamy Neptune is all about ideals, spirituality, and creativity. When it goes retrograde, it’s time to unmask illusions and deepen spiritual insights. Imagine a wise guru guiding you through a meditation, helping you see through foggy dreams to what really matters.

It’s a time for healing unconscious wounds, reconnecting with creativity, and seeking spiritual wisdom. It’s important to connect to your intuition while Neptune is closer to us. Neptune retrograde might be your wake-up call to something profound and transcendental. (July 1st – Dec. 5th)

Pluto Retrograde: The Transformer’s Challenge

Finally, we have Pluto, the powerhouse of transformation. It’s like the personal trainer of the zodiac, pushing you to your limits so you can grow. When Pluto goes retrograde, it’s time for an intense self-examination and even deeper healing.

Feel like you’ve been on the brink of a major life change? Pluto retrograde might be the challenge you need to prepare for it. It’s about healing deep wounds, reassessing power dynamics, and making space for profound transformation. (May 2nd – Oct. 11th)

A Retrograde Symphony: What It All Means

So what happens when all these planets go retrograde at once? Well, it’s like a cosmic symphony, with each planet playing its special tune. Expect a time of reflection, reassessment, and potential growth in various aspects of life. Of course this will depend which aspects it’s making to your chart and which house it’s in as to what and how much this means for you.

It might feel overwhelming at times, but remember, retrogrades are not about chaos and destruction. They’re an invitation to slow down, revisit, and realign with what truly matters.

So grab your cosmic surfboard and ride these retrograde waves. Who knows what treasures you’ll uncover in the process? Just remember to take it easy and tune in. The planets are singing a special song, just for you. Enjoy the music!