Full Moon in Aries

Date: September 26, 2023

Image of a pink full Moon. Perfects on September 29th at 3:57 am MDT at 6 degrees Aries.

We’ve got a Full Moon at 6 degrees Aries that perfects at 3:57 am MDT on September 29th, and honey, it’s a party in the sky! But hold onto your crystals because Aries isn’t here to play games. Think of Aries as that friend who kicks down your door, says you look terrible, but then hands you the perfect outfit and drags you out for the night of your life. Tough love, baby.

So what can I say about a Full Moon in Aries? First off, let’s talk energy. If you’ve been feeling unmotivated, get ready to switch gears. Aries, ruled by Mars, is like an espresso shot for your soul. You’re gonna want to start 17 new projects, call your ex (don’t), and probably try to lift a car just because you can. But hey, instead- focus that energy in some way. (Start by looking at where Aries is in your natal chart.)

Now, Aries is all about the self. Not necessarily in a “mirror, mirror on the wall” way, but more like “Who am I and how do I show up in the world?” This is the time to look inside. What are you passionate about? What makes you, you? If you don’t know, no worries—Aries will push you off the metaphorical cliff of self-discovery and yell, “FLY, YOU FOOL!”

But remember, Aries energy is like a toddler with a drum set—loud, proud, and a little reckless. So as you’re chasing dreams and setting the world on fire (not literally, please), make sure you’re not bulldozing over others. This Full Moon in Aries can be a cosmic kick in the pants. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even scream a little, but one thing’s for sure: you won’t be bored.

To add to the excitement, Venus is Square Uranus in the lunation chart. This can bring unexpected fluctuations in romance, socializing, values and finances.  Harmonious Venus is in difficult aspect with the planet of chaos, independence and change. This is not a harmonious ballroom dance; it’s more like an impromptu breakdancing battle. Socially, we could see issues of women’s autonomy come into focus again, and with the Moon in Aries it’s worth a minute to consider how these issues could directly effect you.

In the realm of romance, you might experience sudden attractions or abrupt shifts in existing relationships. One moment you’re contemplating long-term plans, and the next, you’re questioning the very foundation of your connection. Financially, it’s a similar rollercoaster. Despite your best budgeting efforts, you may find yourself impulsively purchasing something extravagant—yes, like that life-sized Lion statue you never knew you needed.

So, is there cause for alarm? Not necessarily. Keep in mind that Venus is a morning star, which gives the planet warrior qualities and leaves her much less romantic and idealistic than she’s often described. While stability may not be the theme of this transit, the focus is on reevaluating what you genuinely value and love. Venus square Uranus pushes you to think outside the box, so embrace the unpredictability, keep an open mind and be flexible in the face of change.

Starting very early Saturday, Mars is moving into position to Quincunx (150 degrees) Uranus. This particular combination can indicate accidents, so be a little more aware than usual in your day to day activities.

Mars quincunx Uranus is a curious celestial alignment that prompts a mix of tension and electric energy. Mars, the planet of drive and action, finds itself in a challenging angle with Uranus, the planet of sudden change and rebellion. This aspect is a bit like trying to merge two different music genres—say, classical and punk rock—into a single playlist. The result is jarring but weirdly fascinating.

This transit often manifests as a restless urge to take action, but without clear direction. You’re fueled with energy from Mars, itching to make something happen, but Uranus keeps throwing curveballs. It might feel like you’re stepping on the gas and brakes simultaneously. One minute you’re motivated to tackle a project; the next, an unexpected obstacle appears, forcing you to reevaluate your approach.

While the quincunx can be frustrating, it also serves as a catalyst for growth. The erratic energy forces you to adapt and innovate. Although you might not see it in the moment, there’s a lesson to be learned. So while it’s tempting to rush through tasks or impulsively change directions, take a moment to ponder the deeper purpose behind these disruptions.

In a nutshell, Mars quincunx Uranus is a cosmic nudge to shake up your routines and question your motivations. While the journey may be bumpy, it’s also an opportunity to grow more versatile and resourceful. Adaptability is your friend during this transit, so keep an open mind and prepare for the unexpected.

We are heading into a series of Quincunx aspects over the next few weeks- so we can expect things to go sideways. Plans won’t go smoothly, and we might feel like everything we try takes extra effort. It’s not a time to try to be a perfectionist. In fact, now’s the time to put things out there and adjust as needed. Detach from the outcome and be open to learn from your experiences, and this Eclipse season can be an incredible learning experience.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself! Is there a particular limiting belief that can be faced and released? This Full Moon says be brave and let that shit go!