Eclipse and Purification

Date: October 13, 2023

Image of an eclipse in the background. Eclipse , cleanse and purify, Oct. 14th 1:55 PM EDT

It’s eclipse season, and we have an eclipse on Saturday October 14th at 11:55 AM MDT, 1:55 PM EDT, 10:55 AM PDT and 2:55 PM ADT. The New Moon is at 21°07′ Libra and the Sun and Moon are coming together at the South Node of the Moon. This is what’s called a Solar Annular Eclipse.

This month has brought many changes astrologically. Venus left Leo after 4 months and moved into Virgo. Just this week Pluto ended its retrograde cycle and Mars moved into its own sign of Scorpio. There’s something that these events have in common- they all favour purification and elimination.

Overall, the astrology is asking us to clean up, get rid of stuff we don’t need and let go of anything we’re holding onto that is no longer good for us. Kaitlin Coppock, the Mage of Sphere and Sundry says:

At its best, Ketu (South Node) clarifies thought and action, spiritualizes what it touches, and helps to cleanse and purify.

At worst, it utterly deprives, stripping away that which we need to sustain ourselves and our lives, and can cause psychological disturbances, paranormal activity, and mental illness.”

Eclipses are considered negative, and at the very least unpredictable. Suggested practices of a typical New Moon do not apply during an eclipse. Setting intensions, especially  involving bringing new things in or building abundance, are definitely not well aspected now.

If we take all of the listed astrological features into consideration, relationships and diplomacy will be the hardest hit areas. With the Eclipse in Libra, issues around partnerships and balance will be highlighted. How we get along and agreements we’ve made on a micro, all the way up to the macro sphere of diplomacy and international relations will be challenged. The Eclipse comes on the heels of Mars making a square aspect to Pluto, which is at its most basic interpretation, an indication of war. Right on celestial cue the conflict in Israel and Palestine ramped up to a fever pitch. Unfortunately, the timing of this eclipse in Libra isn’t likely to facilitate peace.

On a personal level there are things we can do to work with Ketu. Fasting, salt bath, exfoliation, smudging, energetic clearing, cord cutting and deep cleaning your house, work space, body are all excellent uses of this eclipse. Here’s a link to a Hindu mantra to Ketu (Ketu Mantra on YouTube here.) She sings it 108 times which is a number that resonates with Ketu. You could just sit quietly, in a dark space and listen to this mantra during the live eclipse time.

Black is the favoured colour.

If you choose to do some eclipse remediation, this can be done during the 2 weeks after the eclipse, it’s not something that has to be done on the day, but is most potent when done while the Moon is still in Libra. (It moves into Scorpio at 5:03 am Oct. 15th MDT.)

Rest is another important remediation. Eclipses, especially on the South Node because it drains us of energy, can be exhausting. So if you find yourself feeling extra tired, rest. The nodes are connected to health issues, so listen to your body and what it needs. Another recommendation, this one from Judith Hill in her Book Eclipses and You, is to eat Qi building foods. Here is an article about what Qi is that includes a list of foods.

The other feature of the current astrology, and you’ve all heard me whine about this before, there are no planets in fire. At this particular time the fire element will be missed and because Jupiter is retrograde and Venus is in Virgo,  joy and inspiration aren’t available in the typical sense. It might help to be around fire- candles, fire pits etc. You might find yourself craving fatty or sugary foods- those are our replacements for Jupiter and Venus energy.

My plan for the weekend is rest, make borscht (many ingredients are part of the Qi building foods list), and purge at least one item. I always try to do an intense exfoliation of my whole body during eclipses- cleaning away all the old dead skin and purification. I will also do a smoke clearing in my house. Sending out big love and encouragement to be kind to yourself!