Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Date: October 26, 2023

Three colour panels Turquois and dark navy. Taurus astro symbol on the left and Lunar eclipse @ 5:09 Taurus perfecting mountain time at 2:23 PM


We have a lunar eclipse coming up on Saturday October 28th at 2:23 PM MDT, 4:23 PM EDT, 1:23 PM PDT and 5:23 PM ADT. This eclipse is quite different than the last. First of all it’s a North Node (Ketu) in Aries eclipse; second, the Moon is in Taurus, so not in the same sign as the node; it’s a partial eclipse, whereas the solar eclipse happened very close to the nodal axis making it an almost total eclipse. Having the Moon and node in different sign dilutes the singularity of the messages from the signs of the nodal axis. I would even say that the combination at play here may even lead people to misunderstand what’s being asked of them.

The North node wants to consume, and the Moon in Taurus needs material comfort, so while eclipses are asking us to let go, the impulse of the Moon and node combination are to think of one’s own wants and perhaps hoard stuff. What this creates is confusion, stress and likely anxiety as we’re being pulled in different directions.

Astrological eclipse chartThe Eclipse chart features other important aspects that emphasize the Taurus /Scorpio themes featured in last years eclipses. I interpret this as saying we are still working through the issues of scarcity from the last 3 years, and even though the nodes have changed signs, we still have work to do. As a matter of fact, this eclipse is part of a family of lunations that was kicked off by the Solar Eclipse on April 30th 2022. The aspects I’m referring to are Mars conjunct Mercury opposite Jupiter, and these oppositions are happening within one degree of that 2022 eclipse.

The planetary combinations could indicate a need to balance taking action- especially when it comes to gathering information- versus establishing what your ideals and philosophies have evolved to. When I see this planetary interaction with Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, all I can think of is digging up dirt on your enemies, or maybe just digging up dirt- is this the best use of your resources? Does doing this dirty work align with your ideal life?

If I could give any insight it would be to worry about the dirt in your own closets. If you gain damaging information, weigh carefully if using it is to your long term benefit, or just short term satisfaction. Either way, working from a nefarious place will surely bite you in the ass down the road. The nodes, and therefore eclipses, are closely tied to karma, keep that in mind moving forward. With the North node in Aries it’s likely best to take care of yourself, and don’t worry about what others are thinking or doing.

On the other hand, be careful who you share your secrets with. Other people might not understand discretion at this time.

The Golden Rule is important now. Treat people the way you’d like to be treated. Use empathy, but maintain loving boundaries. It’s a time of release and letting go, so bravery is important. Most importantly – Be kind to yourself.  XOXO