Full Moon in Leo – Passion & Change

Date: January 25, 2024

Image of an abstract Lion's head in the center in violet teal and turquoise with the Full Moon details included.

Leo Full Moon: A Cosmic Display of Passion and Change

On January 25th at 10:53 AM MST, 12:53 PM EST, and 9:53 AM PST, the skies light up with the exuberant Full Moon in Leo, a celestial event that promises to be as dramatic and vibrant as the sign itself. This Full Moon is not just about illumination and fulfillment; it’s a stage for powerful astrological aspects that are set to bring profound shifts and heightened energy.

Jupiter in Taurus Square Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo

This Full Moon’s square with Jupiter in Taurus adds a layer of complexity to our emotional and intellectual landscapes. While the Leo-Aquarius axis, illuminated by the Full Moon, invites a balanced view that harmonizes individual expression with collective awareness, Jupiter’s presence in Taurus introduces a robust, sometimes opinionated influence to the mix. Jupiter, known for its expansive nature, can often amplify beliefs and opinions, especially when in the steadfast sign of Taurus.

This aspect presents a tug-of-war between the objectivity and detachment often afforded by the Full Moon, particularly with the Sun in rational Aquarius, and Jupiter’s tendency to inflate and sometimes overstate our judgments and beliefs. It’s a reminder of the need to temper our convictions with humility and to recognize the value in diverse perspectives. While Jupiter’s expansive energy can encourage us to grow and reach beyond our comfort zones, it’s important to stay grounded and avoid becoming entrenched in rigid or dogmatic thinking.

Another consideration in this dynamic is how Jupiter in Taurus might influence our material and physical worlds. The desire for growth and abundance could clash with the Full Moon’s call for emotional authenticity and self-expression. It challenges us to find a balance between material aspirations and the authenticity of our emotional experiences, ensuring our pursuit of security and comfort does not overshadow the genuineness of our personal and creative expressions.

Mercury Conjunct Mars in Capricorn

Adding to the mix, Mercury is applying to a conjunction with Mars in Capricorn, blending the mind’s agility with the drive for action. This aspect is all about focused thought and decisive communication. In the practical sign of Capricorn, this conjunction encourages strategic planning, effective communication in professional settings, and making decisions that have long-term implications. It’s an excellent time for business negotiations, serious discussions, and putting plans into motion. The downsides to this planetary connection are the potential to be extremely intellectually over stimulated and/or the potential for arguments. Sticking with the Capricorn theme, try to be conservative with your reactions- have the tough conversations once this aspect has let up on the 29th.

Pluto’s Second Entry into Aquarius

A significant shift occurs as Pluto moves into Aquarius for the second time since its initial entry in the spring of 2023. Pluto’s transit through Aquarius brings transformation on a societal and generational level, focusing on themes like technology, innovation, and collective movements. This transit challenges us to look at the bigger picture of our society and our role in it. It asks us to break down outdated structures and to innovate, but also to be aware of the power dynamics at play in these changes.


The Leo Full Moon becomes a compelling stage for balancing heartfelt self-expression with the collective narrative, while carefully navigating the waters of personal beliefs and material aspirations. The interplay between Jupiter’s expansive yet potentially dogmatic influence and the Full Moon’s objective clarity calls for a mindful approach to our growth and understanding. As we bask in the bold energy of this lunar event, let us strive for a balance that honors both our personal truths and the value of differing perspectives, all while keeping an eye on our material goals and the authenticity of our emotional lives. This Full Moon is a call to not only shine in our individuality but also to contribute thoughtfully and responsibly to the broader tapestry of society. Through this Leo Lunar lens find new ways to put yourself first, and as always- be kind to yourself.