New Moon in Aquarius

Date: February 9, 2024

New Moon in Aquarius: Innovations, Shifts, and Cosmic Alignments

On Friday, February 9th, at 3:59 PM MST, the cosmic stage is set for a significant celestial event: the New Moon in Aquarius, perfecting at 20 degrees and 40 minutes. This New Moon ushers in a wave of fresh air, emblematic of Aquarius’ innovative and forward-thinking energy. It’s a time to set intentions that are not just personal but also collective, aligning with the Aquarian themes of community, technology, and visionary change.

Sun and Moon Separating from Square to Uranus

As the Sun and Moon come together in the sign of the water bearer, they are separating from a square with Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, currently in Taurus. This aspect may have stirred the pot, bringing unexpected changes or revelations just before the New Moon. Uranus’ influence encourages us to break free from traditional ways of thinking and to embrace new paradigms. The separation suggests that the initial shockwave has passed, leaving us with insights on how to innovate and evolve.

Mercury Sextile Saturn and Squaring Jupiter

Mercury, the planet of communication, forms a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius, offering a stable ground for our ideas and thoughts. This aspect supports structured thinking, planning, and the responsible communication of our innovative ideas. However, Mercury is also on the verge of squaring Jupiter in Taurus, expanding our thoughts and communications in a big way. While this can lead to optimistic thinking and grand plans, there’s a caution against overextension or glossing over the details. Balancing Saturn’s discipline with Jupiter’s expansion will be key.

Mars and Venus Moving into Aquarius

Between now and the next Full Moon on February 24th, both Mars and Venus will transition into Aquarius, joining Pluto at the very beginning of the sign. Mars’ entrance into Aquarius energizes our drive towards collective action and fighting for causes we believe in, while Venus brings a focus on social connections, values, and the things that bring us together as a community. Their presence in Aquarius, along with Pluto’s transformative power at zero degrees, signals a period of profound shifts in our relationships, passions, and the structures that define our society.

Pluto’s Presence in Aquarius

Pluto at zero degrees of Aquarius acts as a gatekeeper for Mars and Venus as they enter the sign. This meeting emphasizes the ongoing theme of transformation and rebirth, particularly in the areas governed by Aquarius: innovation, humanitarian efforts, and the collective consciousness. Pluto’s influence here is about deconstructing outdated systems and beliefs to rebuild something more aligned with the Aquarian vision of the future.


The New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th is not just a moment for setting new intentions but a doorway to the future we wish to create. It invites us to consider not only our personal growth but our contribution to the world at large. As we navigate the energies of Uranus, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter, and anticipate the arrival of Mars and Venus in Aquarius, let’s embrace the changes, innovations, and connections that this period heralds. This New Moon asks us to dream big, plan wisely, and act collectively, keeping in mind the transformative journey Pluto has set before us. As always, be kind to yourself and others as we embark on this crazy journey together.