Libra Lunar Eclipse – Embracing Balance & Release

Date: March 22, 2024

Black and white image of an eclipse with the eclipse details overlaid on the left of the image.

In the early hours of March 25th, the night sky will be graced by not just a Full Moon but a Lunar Appulse Eclipse at 5 degrees and 7 minutes of Libra. This celestial event, happening at 1:00 AM Mountain Time, 2:00 AM Eastern Time, and 12:00 AM Pacific Time, marks a significant moment in the astrological calendar, especially as it unfolds in the sign of Libra, the archetype of balance, harmony, and relationships.

A South Node Eclipse: Letting Go and Moving Forward

This Lunar Eclipse is notably a South Node eclipse, which brings a particular flavor of energy focused on release and letting go. The South Node, often associated with past karma, lessons learned, and what we are moving away from, indicates that this eclipse could highlight areas of our lives where we need to release old patterns, especially those related to fairness, justice, people pleasing, and partnerships, all themes deeply embedded in Libra’s essence.

Eclipses on the South Node ask us to leave behind what no longer facilitates our highest good, making room for new growth and opportunities. This could manifest in various ways, from re-evaluating our relationships and aligning them more closely with our true values to letting go of an outdated sense of justice or diplomacy that hinders our progress.

The Eclipse’s Saros Cycle: Understanding Its Influence

This Lunar Appulse Eclipse is part of the *Saros 144 cycle, which began on April 11, 1736. Saros 144 cycle is known for its themes of transformation and adjustment, especially in the realms of relationships and diplomacy. As we experience an eclipse from this series, it’s an invitation to reflect on how we can foster more balanced and equitable exchanges in our personal lives and the wider community. This cycle encourages us to consider the foundations upon which our relationships are built and to initiate necessary adjustments that reflect our current realities and aspirations.

Navigating the Eclipse Energy

As we approach this Lunar Appulse Eclipse in Libra, it’s essential to stay open to the messages and opportunities it presents. This is a time for introspection, particularly regarding our connections with others and our broader social networks. It’s an opportunity to meditate on the quality of give-and-take in our interactions and to release any imbalances that no longer facilitate personal growth and support.

Given its alignment with the South Node, this eclipse is a powerful time for clearing. Practices such as journaling, meditation, and ritual can be particularly potent for setting intentions around letting go and embracing new possibilities. Reflect on areas of your life where you’ve felt stuck or where patterns seem to repeat endlessly. Use this eclipse as a catalyst to release those cycles and move forward with greater balance and harmony.

Conclusion: A Time for Release and Renewal

The Lunar Appulse Eclipse in Libra, part of the transformative Saros 144 cycle, marks a pivotal moment for examining and releasing outdated patterns in relationships and social dynamics. By embracing the South Node’s energy of release, we can pave the way for new beginnings, grounded in a more authentic and balanced approach to our connections with others. As we let go of the old, we make space for new ways of being that reflect our true selves and our highest aspirations for harmony and fairness in our lives and the world.

How the Eclipse plays out for you will depend which house it’s happening in and whether it’s making aspects to important planets or points in your chart. Want to know where this Eclipse is happening in your chart and what it means? Book a session! Above all, be kind to yourself.

*The Saros cycle is a period of approximately 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours between eclipses that share similar geometrical and astrological characteristics. Each cycle creates a long series of eclipses that can be traced back centuries and offers insights into the energies they bring. If you’re interested in exploring Saros Cycles, Check out Bernadette Brady’s “Predictive Astrology”.