Navigating the Twists and Turns: Mercury Retrograde, April 2024

Date: March 28, 2024

Says Mercury in Aries retrograde from April 1st - 25th on the right of the image, on the left an abstract of cog and gears in purples, turquoise and teals, with a teal spacy image in the background.

It’s that time of year! Mercury is doing its backspin dance, and this time, it’s kicking off the first retrograde of 2024 with a fiery trip through Aries starting on April 1st. The tricky planet is stationing retrograde at 27 degrees Aries, and this Mercury Retrograde promises to be a zesty one, stirring up our inner warriors and maybe, just maybe, our inner hotheads too. So, let’s take a look at what this retrograde has in store for us and how we can skate through it with grace and maybe a little bit of  Aries boldness.

April 1st – The Starting Line

Mark your calendars because April 1st isn’t just about fooling around this year. At 27 degrees Aries, Mercury decides to throw in a plot twist. Now, Aries energy is all about that ‘leap first, think later’ vibe, but with Mercury retrograde in the mix, it’s like the universe is saying, “Hold up! Time to rethink those impulsive decisions.” It’s a cosmic invitation to slow down and review our actions before we dash towards the finish line.

April 15th & 16th – Healing Words with Chiron

Midway through Mercury’s backwards shuffle brings an intriguing meetup as Mercury retrogrades back to conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, on the 15th and 16th. This pairing is all about healing conversations. Maybe it’s time to address those niggling issues you’ve been avoiding? Or perhaps it’s about finding the right words to heal old wounds. Either way, these days are perfect for deep, meaningful heart-to-hearts that can mend bridges or even heal parts of your soul- is it time for you to be brave in your words? Do you need to assert some independence?

April 18th & 19th – A Fleeting Kiss with Venus

Then, as quick as a flash, on the evening of April 18th until the morning of the 19th, Mercury brushes past Venus, giving us a cosmic wink. This usually day-long transit is cut short by the planets’ opposite motions, but even in such a brief encounter, there’s a sweet spot for expressing love, creativity, and finding fiery harmony in relationships. It’s like the universe is slipping us a note saying, “Hey, love is still here, make it count!”

April 25th – Mercury Direct and Jupiter’s Last Hurrah with Uranus

Finally, on the morning (or afternoon for our friends across the Atlantic) of April 25th, Mercury stations direct while Jupiter is in its last minutes of a partile conjunction with Uranus. Talk about going out with a bang! This is a moment of sudden insights, breakthroughs, and maybe a few surprises that shift our perspective in big ways. As Mercury goes direct, it’s like getting the green light on projects or ideas that were on hold, but with Jupiter and Uranus shaking hands in the background, expect the unexpected. It’s a time of rapid growth and expansion- buckle up!

Navigating This Retrograde Season

So, how do we handle all this? First off, breathe. Retrogrades are a time to review, revisit, and reflect, not hide under the bed (though, no judgment if that’s your chosen spot). Remember, we’re lacking the air element so emotions are likely running high and this will pass soon! Use this period to:

  • Slow down and think things through, especially before making bold moves.
  • Embrace healing conversations, even if they’re tough. The words that heal are worth the courage it takes to say them.
  • Seize those quick moments of connection and harmony, especially around April 18th and 19th. Love in a hurry is still love.
  • Prepare for insights and shifts around April 25th. Keep an open mind and be ready to pivot.

Remember, retrogrades are cosmic do-overs. They’re not out to get us but to guide us towards deeper understanding and growth. So, let’s lean into this Mercury Retrograde with curiosity, openness, and a dash of Aries boldness. Who knows? We might just come out the other side with a clearer path forward and a few healed hearts along the way. Stay cosmic my friends! And, as always, be kind to yourself. xoxo