Hi! I am Tracy Quinlan a consulting astrologer, writer, teacher and lecturer. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where I’m the past president of our local astrology group- The Edmonton Astrological Society (EAS)  I also write the horoscopes for the Llewellyn Astrological Calendar. Thanks to technology, I can connect with clients, students, teachers, and colleagues all over the world.  Feel free to explore my website or simply book an appointment here: 

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Astrology can hold the answers, we just have to ask the right questions.

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Hi! I’m Tracy and I’m an Astrologer in Edmonton, Canada.
Astrology can unlock so many gifts for people; who they are, how specific aspects of the self can conflict, and why we’re attracted to the people, places, and things that we are. It helps determine when the best times to move forward in specific aspects of life are. Astrology can hold the answers, we just have to ask the right questions.

In my teens, astrology helped me understand myself and my relationships with others. It helped me understand my family, and how I fit into it. Learning about my birth chart helped me understand friendships, and how I fit – or didn’t fit in my world.

As a young adult, astrology gave me insight into others and how I interacted with people. I worked as a hairstylist and I used that opportunity to see patterns with astrological signs. I couldn’t have learned the same way from reading a book. I’m an analyzer who sees patterns, so astrology was such a gift for that part of my brain while I was a stylist.

In my 30s I started taking more structured astrology classes. When I learned “predictive” techniques, I saw the power astrology could have in helping people get through life. That’s when I decided it was time to start my astrology practice. People never call me at Consult the Sky to say “hey life’s easy and I’m content- I think I need a consultation.” Clients call in times of emotional stress, major life change, or times of conflict. And every time, I look at their chart and see clear indicators of what’s affecting their life. It’s still amazing to me. I love being able to give people some relief. Being able to let people know that a tough transit will pass, and there are helpful influences coming up is important to me. My commitment is to always be honest, thorough, and kind. Life can be challenging and I’m on your side.

I am passionate about what astrology can do for people. I love to learn and compare ideas and knowledge with astrologers from all over the world. I also love sharing astrology. The work of astrology is not a “psychic gift”. It is a practice built on mathematics and analytical techniques that everyone can learn. No matter what the chart holds, we always have free will. We make the choices to use or not use the gifts or challenges set in front of us. As an astrologer, I share information.

I love teaching people how astrology applies to them. I love teaching people how it can help them. Teaching other people about astrology always deepens my understanding of it. Each of our experiences are different. With every client, student and astrologer I meet, I learn new ways of seeing how the moving sky affects us. I can’t wait to share it with you.