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Learn how to read a natal chart

If you're passionate about astrology and you've studied, memorized and taken classes, but you don't feel confident reading a chart- This is the class for you!

Take everything you've studied- Planets, signs, aspects and houses and not only learn how to tell the astrological story with confidence but be given the space to practice the techniques you're learning.

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So many times I meet Astrology clients and students who've learned all of the parts of a chart but they're not quite sure how to put them together, or lack the confidence to sit with someone and talk about their chart. Often we aren't given a play book on the Synthesis part of astrology, or like me, you get lost in all the information. 

I'm here to give you tools, techniques and the space to practice the art of reading a natal chart.


Participation is necessary.

Here's What You'll Learn:

shows a book an astrological chart and a pen on a table

How to Identify Important Planets in the Chart.

Learn how to pick out the planets with the most influence, why they have the most influence and how ot use that in consultation.

How to Combine the Pieces

Learn how to combine planets, signs aspects and houses to discuss the energy in consultation.

Practice Using What You Learn

Learn how to create an astrological story that can resonate with the native of the chart and open up a productive astrological conversation.

8 Lectures

8 Live Workshops

16 Weeks

Here's What You'll Get:

shows a book an astrological chart and a pen on a table

Recorded Lectures

Every other week you'll recieve a prerecorded lecture about the upcoming topic. You'll also be assigned homework to complete before the next live class

Live Workshops

Every alternating week we'll meet live to review the pre recorded material and, I'll answer questions and you'll be paired up to practice conulting on the weeks excercise. I'll be available to help with your consultations.


Every week you'll receive printable worksheets and hand- outs to help guide you through the sysnthesis process.

Lifetime Access

The worksheets and hand-outs are downloadable and printable, so they're yours to keep. You'll also be able to download the lectures, so you can keep them and refer back whenever you need to.

Course Breakdown:

Week  1

We'll  practice choosing important planets in the natal chart. Chart ruler, final dispositor, most aspected planets plus where you go intuitively in the chart.

Week  2

You'll learn to combine Sun sign, Moon sign, their phase and the houses they are in, and aspects they make. 

Week 3

It's Mercury's turn. We'll look at how Mercury's operating in the chart, who's it's playing with and which areas of life it's most involved with.

Week 4

We'll analize Venus's sign, where she is in relation to the Sun, aspects she's making, and houses she's involved with.

Week 5

Jupiter's up to bat. We'll use all the same considerations is we have with Mercury and Venus.

Week 6

It's Saturn's turn to be analyzed. He may sometimes be the biggest pain in the butt, but Saturn will get the same treatment as the other planets.

Week 7

It's time to examine the outer planets- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. We'll examine how active they are in terms of houses and aspects to personal planets, and how to delineate them.

Week 8

The Angles. We'll talk about how they need to be treated differently to the planets and when/how to use the same techniques we have used with the planets. We'll Also talk about combining houses to tell a story. Which houses and planets to look for love, career, health etc.

Bonuses Included!


Join the course Forum to ask questions of me and the group. Learn from the community and make connections with fellow Astrology Fiends. 


Moodle has an App, so you'll have access to the course on any evice!

Live Workshops

Our live sessions are less like classes and more like workshops, allowing you plenty of time to gain experience and put into practice what you've learned.

First lecture drops September 19th 

Our first live session will take place September 26th at 6:00 PM MDT, 8:00 EDT, 5:00 PDT

$628 CAD until August 15th

$695 after August 15th

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