Astrology Classes

All services and classes take place online via Zoom.

I teach Astrology classes and workshops to help people learn about and experience Astrology. If there’s an event or class you’re interested in and you don’t see it listed, please contact me and let me know.

Classes run when I have enough interested students.

I hope you can join me!

Unlock Your Sky: An Intro to Natal Astrology

Unlock Your Sky: An Intro to Natal Astrology is your gateway to a fundamental understanding of the cosmic language, and your birth chart. Gain practical insights through chart examples and personalized feedback on your own chart. Discover the unique revelations your birth chart holds and unravel the cosmic mysteries that define you. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore your astrological identity and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery! Contact me through the contact page and get on the waiting list for this class!

This is a 10 week Live online class. Starts in January, 2024- Wednesday evenings from 6:30PM Mountain (8:30 PM Eastern and 5:30 PM pacific)

Chart Delineation

Learn how to read a natal chart

Unlock the Art of Natal Chart Reading! Are you an astrology enthusiast feeling unsure about connecting the chart pieces? Gain the confidence to interpret charts with ease! Embrace a transformative journey where you’ll receive tools, techniques, and ample practice to master the synthesis of astrology. No more feeling lost in a sea of information – I’m here to guide you. Elevate your astrological skills and unleash your chart-reading prowess. Let’s embark on this cosmic adventure together. Enroll now and empower yourself as an astrology pro! You’ll receive 8 recorded lectures and 8 2-hour workshops spanning 16 weeks of learning. Contact me to join the waiting list!