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Learn how to read a natal chart

Master the Art of Reading Natal Charts!

  Passionate about astrology but lack confidence in reading charts? This is your game-changing class! Harness your knowledge of planets, signs, aspects, and houses to skillfully weave the astrological narrative with confidence. Embrace hands-on practice, refining your techniques and unleashing your full potential. Elevate your astrological prowess and gain the expertise to interpret charts with certainty. Don't miss this transformative opportunity to shine as an astrology maestro! Enroll now and unlock your astrological journey like never before!
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Unlock the Art of Natal Chart Reading!

Are you an astrology enthusiast feeling unsure about connecting the chart pieces? Gain the confidence to interpret charts with ease! Embrace a transformative journey where you'll receive tools, techniques, and ample practice to master the synthesis of astrology. No more feeling lost in a sea of information – I'm here to guide you. Elevate your astrological skills and unleash your chart-reading prowess. Let's embark on this cosmic adventure together. Enroll now and empower yourself as an astrology pro!

Here's What You'll Learn:

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How to Identify Important Planets in the Chart.

Learn how to pick out the planets with the most influence, why they have the most influence and how ot use that in consultation.

How to Combine the Pieces

Learn how to combine planets, signs aspects and houses to discuss the energy in consultation.

Practice Using What You Learn

Learn how to create an astrological story that can resonate with the native of the chart and open up a productive astrological conversation.

8 Lectures

8 Live Workshops

16 Weeks

Here's What You'll Get:

shows a book an astrological chart and a pen on a table

Recorded Lectures

Every other week you'll recieve a prerecorded lecture about the upcoming topic. You'll also be assigned homework to complete before the next live class

Live Workshops

Every alternating week we'll meet live to review the pre recorded material and, I'll answer questions and you'll be paired up to practice consulting on the weeks excercise. I'll be available to help with your consultations.


Every week you'll receive printable worksheets and hand- outs to help guide you through the sysnthesis process.

Lifetime Access

The worksheets and hand-outs are downloadable and printable, so they're yours to keep. You'll also be able to download the lectures, so you can keep them and refer back whenever you need to.
Discover the Optimal Learning Experience! Our series offers a perfect blend of recorded lectures and interactive in-class learning. Skip the live lecture time by prewatching the lesson, and come prepared to dive right into chart readings with expert guidance. Embrace a safe and engaging online space where you can practice with confidence. Don't waste a moment in class on lectures when you can maximize your learning potential with hands-on experience. Enroll now and unlock the ultimate learning journey tailored for your growth and success!

Course Breakdown:


Week  1

Discover the Art of Planet Selection in the Natal Chart! In this transformative week, we'll practice identifying vital planets, including the chart ruler, final dispositor, and most aspected planets. Explore your intuitive instincts as we delve into chart delineation. Uncover which planets speak the loudest in your chart and embrace the profound impact of your intuition in deciphering the cosmic story. Join us for an empowering journey of celestial insights and intuitive wisdom. Enroll now and harness the power of planet selection to unlock the hidden mysteries of your natal chart!

Week  2

Unlock the Power of Astrological Combinations! In this enlightening class, you'll learn to blend the Sun sign, Moon sign, their phases, and the houses they reside in, along with the aspects they form. This potent combination reveals a wealth of information and profound insights within the natal chart. Embark on a new level of understanding with these celestial connections and unlock the secrets they hold.

Week 3

Discover the astrological secrets of relationships as we unveil the key houses and planets in the natal chart that intertwine to reveal the unique relationship story. Unravel the cosmic connections and unlock the profound insights that shape your astrological understanding of love and connection. Join us for a transformative journey into the realm of relationships in the birth chart. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your astrological wisdom and explore the intricate web of connections in the sky!

Week 4

Welcome to Non-Romantic Relationship Week! Explore the dynamic world of friends and social groups in astrology. Discover where you connect with people, how you approach friendships, and what holds significance in your social life. Unravel the astrological insights that define your bonds and interactions with others. Join us on this insightful journey as we delve into the profound aspects of non-romantic relationships. Enroll now and uncover the celestial wisdom that shapes your social connections and friendships!

Week 5

Welcome to Family Focus Week! Explore the deep-rooted influence of family dynamics in the birth chart. Discover the positions of family-related elements, from parents and siblings to chosen family. Unravel how these connections have impacted the native's life journey. Join us for a transformative week where we delve into the profound astrological insights of family bonds. Enroll now and gain a deeper understanding of the cosmic forces that shape your family connections and impact your life!

Week 6

Welcome to Career Week! Unleash the cosmic secrets of your professional path. Dive into the realms of jobs, purpose, and calling as we explore all things work-related. Unravel the connection between income, wealth, and your cosmic journey. Join us for an empowering week where we delve into the profound insights of your career aspirations. Unlock the celestial guidance that shapes your professional destiny and reveals your true calling!

Week 7

Embark on a Journey of Health and Wellness in the Chart! Discover a fundamental exploration of health and well-being in astrology. Unveil areas of strength and weakness within the chart, empowering you to offer valuable advice to your clients. Join us on this insightful quest as we delve into the cosmic insights that shape one's overall health. Gain the transformative knowledge to guide others towards a path of vitality and well-being!

Week 8

The Week of Integration  In this transformative week, we bring it all together. Explore practical techniques to initiate chart delineation and embrace the art of weaving astrological insights into coherent narratives. Dive into the profound discussions on ethics and the boundaries that guide our interactions with clients. Join us for an empowering journey of unity, where we merge theory and practice to become skilled and ethically responsible astrologers.

Bonuses Included!



Join this enriching community to seek guidance from both me and your fellow astrology enthusiasts. Interact, learn, and gain valuable insights from the collective wisdom of the group. Connect with like-minded astrology aficionados and forge meaningful bonds with fellow seekers of cosmic knowledge. Embrace the camaraderie and support that our forum offers as we embark on this transformative astrological journey together. Enroll now to become part of this dynamic community of astrology fiends!


With Thinkific's convenient App, you gain unparalleled accessibility to your course material, empowering you to learn on the go, anytime, and anywhere! Seamlessly switch between devices and dive into the course content with ease, whether you're at home, on your daily commute, or traveling the world. Embrace the freedom to explore the course materials on your preferred device, making learning a seamless and flexible experience. Download the Thinkific App today and unlock the convenience of learning on your terms!

Live Workshops

Engage in Empowering Live Sessions! Our live sessions go beyond typical classes, becoming immersive workshops. You'll have abundant time to gain experience and apply your learning practically. Embrace this enriching approach, fostering confidence and skill development. Join us for dynamic live sessions that inspire growth and connection. Enroll now to embark on a journey of practical application and profound insights!  

Coming in January 2024

$695 CAD 

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