Classes take place on a weekly basis. They are approximately 2 hours per week of Live class time. Classes include handouts and learning materials. In some cases you may be expected to purchase required reading. There is usually “homework”, but you do this with your own chart. Most people find these classes a growing experience rather than “work”.

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    Chart Delineation – Moon Phases

    shows and names the 8 Moon PhasesThis class focuses in on chart delineation using Moon Phase, for the purpose of  learning how to interpret the natal chart. If you’ve learned the pieces of the char, but want to know how to put them together, tis is the place to start. Understanding how the Sun and Moon are interacting (or not interacting) in a natal chart gives us some very potent insights into the personality. We’ll take this further and examine the personality, and life path, and how it’s expressing through the lens of the phase. Chart delineation using Moon phases will take you further into learning about aspects and the expression they generate in a natal chart. We’ll also be talking about the soul expression of the Moon phases, and how this may create conflict or harmony for the native on their birth path. This is the beginning of putting all of the pieces together in order to tell the story of the natal chart.

    This class will be a combination of lecture, discussion and practice, so it may go longer than 2 hours.

    Duration: 4 weeks, one evening a week.

    Time: Tuesday evenings starting at 6:15 mountain. First class TBA

    Investment: $285 CAD (approx. $225 US)

    What you’ll learn through chart delineation using Moon phases:

    • How to calculate Lunar (Moon) phase, and therefore, all aspects between planets.
    • The energetics, lessons and themes of each of the 8 Moon phases.
    • The fundamental expression of our Sun and Moon combination, and how that acts in harmony with the energetics of the relationship the lights make to one another
    • Beginning to interpret and synthesize how the planets interact and how to create a story with the natal chart.
    • Learning how to synthesize- how to put together planet, sign, aspect and house to be able to start to read a birth chart.

    You’ll get homework and practice charts.

    There will be quizzes so you can test your knowledge as you go.


    Online, Tuesdays 6:15 - 8:15 Mountain