Classes take place on a weekly basis. They are approximately 2 hours per week of Live class time. Classes include handouts and learning materials. In some cases you may be expected to purchase required reading. There is usually “homework”, but you do this with your own chart. Most people find these classes a growing experience rather than “work”.

Level I Astrology

In Level I Astrology we’ll dive into the building blocks of natal astrology. Ever wonder what it meas when someone talks about rising signs, or Mercury retrograde? We’ll cover that.

In this 10 weeks course we’ll look at:




Moon Phases


The Moon’s Nodes and more!

Recommended texts are Understanding the Birth Chart by Kevin Burk and The Only Way to Learn Astrology Marion March & Joan McEvers

Online, Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:45 Mountain, 8:30- 10:45 Eastern