An Astrology workshop is a 2-3 hour lecture type scenario. These are perfect for introduction to a subject or topic. Workshops are designed to be fun and to inspire you to learn more about astrology either on your own or through formal seminars or classes. They are also designed to apply Astrology to your daily life.

Topic examples include:

  • An Introduction to the Basics of Astrology
  • The Moon and how its Phases Can Help Set Goals
  • What’s a Horoscope and why are they Often Wrong or Vague

Warrior Full Moon


Deanne and I are doing it again! This time the Moon is Dynamic Aries. The Moon in Aries – the warrior, adventurer and the inner child.

These ceremonies are designed to explore the signs the Sun & Moon are in. The Full Moon is always about release and finding a balance between the 2 signs involved. I also look at what other stellar influences are at play, and Deanne works with me to create the perfect Yoga practice to help us get into the cosmic rhythm.

We move into a positive head space before we do an active release in honor of the Full Moon. This always includes a Yoga practice with the specific astrology of the moment embedded in the practice, we offer a gift of remediation to help with the challenges or enhance the gifts the sky is sending messages of.

The event’s are 1 1/2 hours-1 hour 45 minutes long.

You can check Deanne out at

Healing Connections, 10548 - 115 street, EVENT CANCELLED