Astrology Level 2 – Astrology of the Soul

Date: February 15, 2022


Astrology Level 2 adds to your astrology vocabulary- looking beyond the planets and the lights, it introduces asteroids, looks at complex aspect patterns, investigates the life promise held in the Moon phases, and much more. Once we’ve learned another layer of information we’ll begin to implement ways to start to organize the information in order to read a natal chart.


a person arms raised to encircle a ball of light in the night sky. Astrology of the Soul Begins April 12th. GO beyond the basics. Come explore some of the deeper lessons and themes in the chart


Astrology Level 2  Astrology of the Soul is an extension of Learning the basics of astrology- adding to your astrological vocabulary. In a lot of ways, this is the soul level of the chart. We’ll introduce some new celestial bodies to the soup and expand on some important ideas you’ve already been introduced to in any introductory astrology class. While this class is introducing some new ideas, part of the focus will be on synthesis. Each class we’ll look at how to take these ideas and use them in chart interpretation to help you deepen your chart synthesis skills.

In this class we’ll cover:

  1. Moon Phases
  2. The angles: The ascendant, descendant, Midheaven and IC
  3. The North Node and South Node
  4. Aspect Patterns
  5. The 4 major Asteroids: Pallas, Vesta, Ceres and Juno
  6. Chiron the Centaur
  7. Unaspected Planets
  8. Out of Bounds Planets

This is a 8 week class Starts April 12th. Each class will be approximately 2 hours and taught live via Zoom. Classes are recorded to be reviewed or incase you miss a class.

Investment is $425 CND

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