Chart Synthesis

Date: April 17, 2023



This class is designed to help you take all the pieces of astrology you’ve learned and finally be able to put them together in a cohesive story.



blue swirly background with words reading "Chart Synthesis Learn to Tell the Astrological Story"Chart Synthesis combines recorded lectures and workshops to both teach techniques for reading a natal chart, and also workshops to give you the space to practice the techniques with other students. You’ll get 8 recorded lectures released every 2 weeks, and during the alternate weeks we’ll meet live to review, answer questions and practice. You’ll get worksheets and handouts to keep, plus you’ll get lifetime access to the lectures. This is a very interactive course, the point of it is to get practice reading charts.

By the end of this class, if you’ve done all the work and participated, you’ll be able to do at least a simple chart reading on any natal chart.

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