Transit Talks

Join us for our monthly Transit Talks, scheduled on the Tuesday evening closest to the New Moon. Each session, we reflect on the previous month’s significant events and their connections to current planetary movements. This is followed by a presentation about upcoming developments (You receive a copy of the slides with dates and aspects). You’ll receive practical advice on how to navigate these shifts, along with worksheets to help you track and understand your own transits.

Upcoming Transit Talks

June 4th

  • July 2nd

  • August 6th

  • September 3rd

  • October 1st

  • November 5th

  • December 3

  • January 7th, 2025

  • February 4th, 2025

Monthly Workshops

Our Monthly Workshops are crafted to equip you with actionable techniques to extract relevant information from any birth chart. So far, we've delved into topics like Chart Shapes and introduced the concept of Annual Profections. Join me one Saturday morning each month as I guide you through a new topic, all aimed at enhancing your chart reading skills. These sessions are designed to expand your toolkit of delineation techniques, and help you feel confident in how to enter the birth chart.

Upcoming Workshops

Saturdays at 10 am Mountain time

  • June 22nd - Planetary Dignities and Why/When Are They Important

    • July 20th

    • August 24th

    • September 21st

    • October 19th

    • November 23rd

    • December No Workshop

    • January 18th

    • February 22nd

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