Date: February 8, 2023


The Quincunx is the 150° aspect, also known as the Inconjunct. Not used in delineating natal charts in more traditional forms of astrology- this aspect is one of the most powerful psychological aspect. It is intense both natally and by transit, and should not be ignored.

In this prerecorded lecture

“Quincunxes: The Black Sheep of the Aspects” Tracy provides an extensive and detailed exploration of the astrological aspect. The lecture covers various aspects of this unique astrological angle, including its psychological and behavioral implications, its manifestations in different planetary combinations and zodiac signs, and its overall significance in astrological interpretations. The lecture is rich in astrological insights and examples, making it a valuable resource for those interested in a deeper understanding of quincunxes in astrology.

This lecture was originally given for the Atlantic Professional Astrologers Association November 2021.


Prerecorded Lecture

2 Hours

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