What is an astrological chart?

An astrological chart is divided into 12 sections and each section represents an area of your life. The planets fall into the houses according to where they were at the moment you were born. The exact time and place you were born determines which signs appear around the wheel. Here is the easiest way to explain it: the planets represent parts of your personality and how you operate. The sign the planet is in describes how those parts express themselves. The signs on the houses and where those planets fall  describe how life affects those parts of you.

What do I need to know to do an astrological chart?

I need your date, place, and time of your birth. This is your birth data.

Where can I find my birth data?

Sometimes your family doesn’t have the best memory for this small but significant detail. Because we get the most detailed information from a precise time of birth, a baby book, or hospital record is the best source. This information is available by calling the hospital you were born in, or going to a registry office and applying to receive a copy of your birth record.  There are also other options available, get in touch with me if you need help.

Can I still have an astrological consultation without an exact birth time?

Yes. There are a few options. I can do a process called a rectification. This is based on events from your past and figuring out the probability of those events based on different times of birth. We can also work with an approximate time of birth, but timing for future events is not accurate without a birth time.

What is an astrological consultation/reading?

Based on your astrology, I look at the most relevant charts. I can give you insight into where you are, and what’s impacting you right now. We’ll look at how your past has impacted your current situation. Through your astrological chart, I can empower and guide you in the most productive and well aspected directions for YOUR life. We can focus on particular areas of your life and how they will be moving in the near future.

Is my work in anyway attached to the paranormal/occult?

Astrology was the first science. The chart is derived using mathematics and interpretation is done using centuries of anecdotal research. As astrologers we use the natural planetary cycles to give guidance and answer your questions. Astrology takes rigorous study to both understand the science and apply the interpretive skills required to give a complete picture of the potential in your life.

Do I have to have a consultation in person?

I can do written reports, phone consultations, or online meetings – whatever works best for you.

Do you do group events?

Yes! I can come to your social event. You can have your friends over for an astrology party, and all have mini sessions. I love doing these social functions!