Level 1 Astrology

Starts September 21st 

WARNING: Astrology can become an addiction!

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You'll learn what each planets means in a birth chart and how it shows up in our lives. How the energy of planets can change how we experience our Sun sign and more.


What are the signs, how do they interact with the planets, and what are their qualities. 

Moon Phases

We know about Full Moon's and New Moon's what does that mean for the day we're born? You'll learn how each Moon phase has a different energy and what that mean's in a birth chart.


These tell us how the different parts of ourselves work together or don't. What kind of conversations are the planets having with each other and how does that affect how we experience life.



The 12 houses represent the different areas of our lives. What happens when one house is more activated than another? 

Lunar Nodes

These mystical points figure prominently in all forms of Astrology. These are the points that determine when and where we'll have eclipses, but what do they mean in your chart?

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Week 1

This is where you get introduced to the history, the components, and the visuals. We'll break down the components to get you ready for the weeks ahead.

Week 2

In Week two we dive into the 12 Astrological Signs. You'll learn about the elements and modes and how these attributes contribute to the energy of a sign.

Week 3

This is part 1 of 2 where we learn about the planets. How they make up our personalities and how we socialize and more.

Week 4 & 5

Week four you'll learn about Dignities and Dispositors. The Signs are ruled by the Planets. So looking at which planet is "in charge" of another tells a very important part of the story.

Week 6

Now we start looking at Aspects- these are the geometric relationship the planets make to each other. 

Week 7

Moon Phases- the relationship between your Sun and Moon and what that says about your personality and how you navigate your life path.

Week 8

Moon Phases- the relationship between your Sun and Moon and what that says about your personality and how you navigate your life path.

Week 9

The Houses- the circle divided by 12.  These pie pieces represent the different areas of our lives.

Week 10

The Lunar Nodes- the 2 points where the Sun and Moon cross - mystical, energetic, karmic.


Here's What You'll Get


All Lectures are delivered live! Unless of course you can't be there, in which case there's a recording. There aren't a lot of live astrology classes out there. So if you prefer to be in a live online setting, this is for you!

Small Class Size

I take no more than 20 students per class. This allows for a richer learning experience, but still includes a big enough group to support a lively cohort community.

Access Class on the Moodle App

Class at your fingure tips will make it convenient for you to access the classroom wherever you are.


Ask me or your classmates questions. Share Astrological observations and connect with fellow Astrology junkies.

Hand Outs & Quizzes

Each Class there will be hand outs and worksheets. You'll also get the printable Power Point Presentation before each class for you to print out and take notes on. You'll also be able to test your knowledge to stay motivated to learn this rich topic.

Lifetime Access to the Class

You'll get a link to be able to access the lecture whenever you want. If you want to study, or you have to miss a class- the recording will be there for you.

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First Class is Thursday September 21st at 6:00 PM Mountain (8:00 EDT, 5:00 PDT)

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