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Your past shapes our present and influences the future. In an Astrology reading, the goal is to give you insight, inspiration and guidance on how to best access your gifts and tend to your blockages. What drives you forward, what brings you comfort, and how to choose the best way into the future can all be seen in the natal chart. The information I provide by looking at your birth chart is used to shed light on the areas of concern in your life. Together, we’ll explore important areas of success and challenge, carried from the past that you’re living right now and how to approach the future.

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Full Natal Astrology Reading

Full Natal Astrology Reading

Astrology sheds light on who you are, empowering you to thrive in life. We’ll look at areas of concern within the chart and how they have manifested through your birth chart. We’ll focus on your personal power and how to make the most of your gifts and talents. Astrology has the power to unlock the very best in us, while helping to navigate the path forward.

Year Ahead Astrology Reading

Discover what the coming year holds for you. This type of Astrology session is Designed for existing clients who want to follow-up and stay attuned to their Astrological rhythms. Find out which areas of life will be the focus and which planetary energies will help or hinder your year ahead, and what you can do to help yourself.

Tiny Tune-Up/Horary

These are short Astrology Readings for people who have specific concerns looking ahead. Tiny Tune-Up is a short and sweet look at what’s coming up in a specific area that you’re concerned about.

Horary Astrology involves a chart being done for a specific Yes or No question.The Horary chart can answer the question plus give details of why the outcome may be so.