Tiny Tune-Up / Horary

These are short Astrology Readings designed for people who have specific concerns looking ahead. Tiny-Tune-up is a short and sweet look at what’s coming up in a specific area that you’re concerned about.

Horary Astrology is a chart done for a specific Yes or No question. The Horary chart can answer the question plus details of why the outcome may be so.


Through astrology we gain self-awareness and self-acceptance, so you can move forward with confidence.


A Tiny Tune-up is a short (30 minute) session to address specific areas of concern. Questions involving relationship, career, travel etc., can be addressed in this short Astrology consultation. These sessions can be conducted in-person, online or over the phone.

Horary Astrology addresses specific questions of an essentially yes or no nature -Will I sell my house quickly? Will I get the loan I applied for? Will I win my law suit? – are all good examples of Horary questions. Once you have submitted your question, allow a few days for analysis and I will get back to you with your answer. Horary only works if these are burning questions- with that being said, it can elicit extraordinary responses and detail.

For all clients, New or existing:

*Horary Question Р$88  Contact me from the contact page with your Horary Questions.

For existing clients:

*Tiny tune-up -short follow up for existing clients-$98

I look forward to meeting with you!

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