Year Ahead Astrology Reading



Book an Astrology Reading to discover what the coming year holds for you. This type of Astrology session is designed for the existing client who wants to follow-up and stay attuned to their Astrological rhythms. Find out which areas of life will be the focus and which planetary energies will help or hinder your year ahead, and what you can do to help yourself.


Through astrology we gain self awareness and self acceptance, so we can move forward with confidence.

In a Year Ahead Astrology Consultation we’ll look at areas of concern in your life. We’ll explore your gifts and how best to access them. Your chart can show me how you can flourish and when the best time is to make changes.

Before each consultation I take a deep look at the natal chart. I look at where you’ve progressed to and which areas of your life are being lit up at the moment.

We’ll meet for 60 – 75  minutes. Our session will be recorded for your future reference. I will email the recording to you. I will also email a copy of the major planetary aspects (transits) for the year, so you can refer to it and see which planets are creating pertinent events or feelings.

For existing clients:

*Year Ahead Astrology Reading (60-75 minutes)-$195

For new clients (even if you’ve had natal readings with other astrologers).

*Year Ahead Astrology Reading (75+ minutes) – $225

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