Online Consultation

I conduct online consultations on Zoom. We can meet on any face to face online App you feel comfortable with. I use Zoom because it’s very easy, reliable and we can record the session for you to revisit. This is a great option for distant clients, but is also an option for local clients (especially on a freezing winter day.) We can work together to establish a time that works best between time zones if necessary.

Through self awareness and self acceptance, you can move forward with confidence.

We’ll look at areas of concern in your life. We’ll explore your gifts and how best to access them. Your chart can show me how you can flourish and when the best time is to make changes.

Before each consultation I take a deep look at the natal chart. I look at where you’ve progressed to and which areas of your life are being lit up at the moment.

We’ll be online for 60 – 75  minutes. Our session will be voice recorded for your future reference. I will email the recording to you. I will also email a copy of your natal chart. I include a key of what the symbols mean, and a short personality report you can keep and refer to as well.

*First time Natal reading- $175

For existing clients:

*Yearly follow-up (within 1 year of last visit)-$150
*Tiny tune-up short follow up for existing clients-$95

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