Synastry (relationship) Reading


In Astrology, Synastry (relationship reading) is the practice of comparing natal charts to see how they work together. Synastry can be investigated in any type of relationship: marriage, romantic, family, friends etc. Synastry looks at how you connect, how deep the connection goes, where there may be obstacles and where there is compatibility.

Why do we love who we love and why do we act the way we do towards them- this is what Synastry Astrology answers.

A synastry reading (relationship astrology) can be deeply enlightening and healing. Ever wonder why you and your sister have a strained relationship, what brings you and a romantic partner together, or what keeps coming between you and your child? Understanding the other person’s motivation can often help us move past issues we’ve held on to in relationships. Examining birth charts with someone you care about can heal old wounds, help your relationship mend and grow, or allow you to finally let go. It is almost always good for a laugh or two, sometimes the uncomfortable kind. A Synastry reading often gives us the “ah-ha” to why we react to someone the way we do, and understanding the underlying pattern goes a long way to help people move forward.

This Consultation is done with both people present and no I won’t look at your boyfriends chart and tell you his secrets. This can be a fun way to go deeper with someone you love, or a powerful way to finally understand the “why” of some relationships.


Synastry Consultations 90 minutes – $250


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