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    Acutonics Sound Therapy Bundle

    Acutonics Sound Therapy is the application of sound vibration in order to help the body return to emotional and physiological wellbeing. Sound Therapy works on the principle that everything in the Universe vibrates, from the smallest particle to the planets in the solar system, to the billions of stars in the galaxy. These vibrations create patterns of geometric waveforms, frequencies, musical intervals and sounds which can set another body in motion, known as resonance.

    Like any other healing modality, introducing you body and mind to this new way of being repeatedly helps to shift us into this new way.
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    Natal Moon Phases

    Lunar Phases are a powerful tool in natal astrology. The phase of the Moon can drastically change the expression of a Sun sign and being able to identify this in your chart or client charts is very important.

    This lecture introduces the influence of the Sun and Moon on our lives. It outlines the eight phases of the lunar cycle along with the associated energies and characteristics of people born at each phase. Examples of well-known people and their phases are included to further illustrate the connection between the Moon phases and individuals’ behavior. The lecture also provides several key takeaways for understanding one’s character and behavior, such as practicing mindfulness and taking breaks, understanding the phases of the Moon and understanding the role of the initiating aspects in each Lunar phase. Finally, a few resources are offered for further study and exploration of the lunar cycle and the psychological implications of astrology.

    Each Moon phase is discussed in depth, including the soul pull of each phase. Examples for each phase is examined to illustrate the effects of the phase on the expression of the Sun sign. The lecture was recorded by and presented for the Astrology Niagara Group in 2020.

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    Prerecorded Lecture

    2 Hours

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