I host Astrology events – classes, Moon ceremonies and workshops to help people learn about and experience Astrology. I hope that you can join me!

Astrology Classes

Taking an astrology class is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Astrology. Whether you’re just curious, looking for something new, or seeking a way to find answers to tough questions about yourself and your life, I have a class to help you build a strong foundation.
Contact me if you’re interested in classes.


My workshops are a great way to get started in Astrology! I use a lecture format to educate you about the practice of astrology — and I hope to inspire you to further your Astrology education.

Moon Ceremonies

These events combine astrology, yoga, healing sound tools and more. Deanne from Adventures with Deanne and I come together and create a special practice for the specific energy of the lunation of the day.

We open our ceremony with clearing, connecting, and shaking off the negative energetic gunk using meditation and sound tools. This is followed by a short talk describing what’s going on in the sky astrologically, followed by a specially designed yoga practice to connect us to the astrology of the day. To close we do a releasing exercise. You always take home a small gift to help you through the Moon phase and whatever else is happening astrologically, which is chosen to enhance your life and increase the benefits of our gathering.

Getting in Tune is a positive step towards shifting into synchronicity.