Our past shapes our present and influences the future. The goal is to give you inspiration and guidance on how to best access your gifts. What drives you forward, what brings you comfort, and how to choose the best way into the future can all be accessed. The information I provide by looking at your astrological chart is used to shed light on the areas of concern in your life. Together, we’ll explore important areas of success and challenge right now and in the future.

In-Person Consultations

I provide several forms of astrological consultation. If you live in or are visiting the Edmonton area, and prefer face to face interaction, then an In-Person Consultation is for you. 

Off-Site Consultations

If you can’t make it to my location, but live in the Edmonton area, an Off-Site meeting can be arranged. Additionally, if you desire a face to face consultation and live in a place I’m travelling to this can also be arranged.

Online Consultations

Online Consultations via Zoom. Whether you live far away, or just prefer this type of contact, an online meeting can easily be arranged for any time zone. 


Looking for something different to do with your friends? Mini astrology readings are a great way to make your party different.