Full Natal Astrology Reading

Full Natal Astrology Readings can take place in person or online, in my office or in a public place like a coffee shop- wherever is most convenient for you.

Astrology sheds light on who you are, empowering you to thrive in life. We’ll look at areas of concern within the chart and how they have manifested through your birth chart. We’ll focus on your personal power and how to make the most of your gifts and talents. Astrology has the power to unlock the very best in us, while helping to navigate the path forward.

Through astrology we gain self awareness and self acceptance, so we can move forward with confidence.

Full natal astrology readings are 75-90 minutes. Before we meet I explore your natal chart, then look to see where you’ve progressed to and which planetary transits are effecting you now and into the future.

I record our session for your future reference. I find this important for 2 reasons. First, you will want to refer to it later to remind yourself of important dates or ideas mentioned during your consultation. Second, it’s good for you to be able to go back to the recording if there is anything you are confused about. It can be overwhelming to receive all of this information in a short period of time. Sometimes our minds remember different things than what was actually said. Having a recording can dispel any confusion. Sometimes what stands out on the day of your consultation is not what will stand out on a different day.

You will also take home a copy of your natal chart. I include a key of what the symbols mean, and a short personality report you can keep and refer to as well.

-First time Natal reading (75-90 minutes)- $185

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