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Embrace Self-Discovery or Navigate Life's Turning Points

Dive into the depths of your birth chart to unlock answers. Whether you're stepping into the fascinating world of astrology out of curiosity, or seeking clarity amidst life's challenges, an Astrology session is your beacon. More than stars aligning; it's about understanding the One-of-a-Kind cosmic blueprint that guides you. Let’s illuminate the path to what you’re destined to discover about yourself or decode the mysteries behind the pivotal moments you’re experiencing.

Embark on an eye-opening adventure, that will leave you feeling seen and validated.

My Astrology & Sound Healing Services

Your past shapes your present and influences the future. In an Astrology reading, the goal is to give you insight, inspiration & guidance on how to best access your gifts & tend to your blockages. What drives you forward, what brings you comfort, and how to choose the best way into the future can all be seen in the natal chart. I use the information found in your birth chart to shed light on the areas of concern in your life. Together, we’ll explore important areas of success and challenge, and look for clues from your past to approach these cycles now and in the future.

Birth Chart Reading:
Illuminate Your True Self to Empower Your Journey

Astrology sheds light on who you are, empowering you to thrive in your life.
Together, we'll explore your chart's key areas, to decipher their influence through your lived experience. Our focus sharpens on harnessing your personal power, maximizing your innate gifts and talents. With astrology as our guide, we'll unlock your highest potential and chart a course for success, navigating life's path with insight & precision.

Year Ahead Astrology Reading: Unveil Your Future

Discover the possibilities that await you in the coming year. Whether you're seeking guidance, insight, or treating yourself to the perfect birthday gift, this Astrology session caters to our existing clients eager for a follow-up and keen on staying in sync with their astrological dynamics. Explore the key life areas that will demand your attention, understand the planetary influences that will shape your journey, and learn strategies to harness these energies for your benefit. Prepare for your year ahead with a roadmap tailored just for you.

Tiny Tune-Up

Dive into a concise Astrology reading designed for those with pinpointed concerns about the future. Whether it's love, career, or personal growth, this brief yet insightful session zeroes in on what's on the horizon for a specific area of your life, or a specific question, offering clarity and guidance to navigate what's ahead.


Seeking a definitive yes or no answer to your burning question? Horary Astrology crafts a chart specifically for your query, providing a clear answer complemented by insights into the reasons behind the predicted outcome. It's the perfect approach for unraveling the mysteries of your most pressing dilemmas with precision and depth.

Acutonics Sound Therapy

Acutonics Sound Therapy is a blend sound vibration, with ancient healing principles aimed at enhancing emotional and physical wellbeing. Sound Therapy is based on the idea that all the Universe vibrates, influencing our bodies to promote healing. Our bodies, being about 70% water, are perfect receptors for these vibrations, which can alter our physical and energetic states through sound waves.

Acutonics uses precision-calibrated tuning forks, applying them to acupuncture points to engage with the body's energy systems, offering a pathway to harmony and wellness. This method, known as Sonopuncture, offers a non-invasive alternative to traditional acupuncture.

During sessions, practitioners use various Sound Tools to realign the body's frequencies, guided by the client's unique needs and astrological chart.

Acutonics Sound Therapy connects the natural world with our inner selves, fostering a holistic approach to wellbeing. Ready to experience the healing power of sound? Begin your journey towards integrated health with Acutonics.

See What Our Customer Say About Us

Jennifer Kotowicz

" I have had astrology readings in the past and they were interesting but I did not find them useful. Tracy is very thoughtful and uses her experience to explain how different parts of my chart come into play in my daily life. I felt very affirmed in who I was after the reading and inspired to move forward with a clearer picture of my strengths and challenges. Tracy knows her stuff....and then some. I will be passing her information on to clients, friends and family.``

Jacquie Albrecht

"My natal chart reading with Tracy was everything I was hoping for and more. She gave a lot of good insight on the positioning of my planets etc and a lot of tools for helping me continue to make sense of what they were saying to me. Not only did her reading align with what I already knew to be true from my own understanding of astrology, the additional insight and depth of her reading really resonated with what I have been experiencing now. I would absolutely recommend Tracy if you are looking to dive into your chart and the lessons it has for you <3"

CaZ Ihara

"Tracy’s professional consultations are a regular guiding light in my life. Her sessions are not only extremely insightful and supportive, but her refined intuition is always bang on. She wraps all this in a highly compassionate and caring method of delivery that leaves me feeling empowered and revitalized. Thank you Tracy!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an astrological Chart?

An astrological chart is divided into 12 sections, and each section represents an area of your life. The planets fall into the houses according to where they were at the moment you were born. The exact time and place you were born determines which signs appear around the wheel. Here is the easiest way to explain it: the planets represent parts of your personality and how you operate. The sign the planet is in describes how those parts express themselves. The signs on the houses and where those planets fall  describe how life affects those parts of you, or where you can easily express them.

What information do you need to have my birth chart calculated?

All we need is your birth data which is your date (day, month, year), Place (city, region & country), and the time your were born.

Where can I find my birth data?

Sometimes your family doesn't have the best memory for this small but significant detail. Because we get the most detailed information from a precise time of birth, a baby book, long form birth certificate, or hospital record are the best sources. This information is available by calling the hospital you were born in, or going to a registry office and applying to receive a copy of your birth record or long form birth cert.  There are also other options available, get in touch with me if you need help.

Do I have to know my time of birth to have a session?

No, There are a few options. I can do a process called a rectification. This is based on events from your past and figuring out the probability of those events based on different times of birth. We can also work with an approximate time of birth, but timing for future events is not accurate without a birth time.

Are you psychic?

Astrology was the first science. The chart is derived using mathematics and interpretation is done using centuries of anecdotal research. As astrologers we use the natural planetary cycles to give guidance and answer your questions. Astrology takes rigorous study to both understand the science and apply the interpretive skills required to give a complete picture of the potential in your life. So, although I'm very intuitive, an astrology session isn't like going to the psychic.

Do I have to have specific questions to have a session?

Astrology can be used for specific questions or can be exploratory. Sometimes the most powerful sessions come out of someone booking out of curiosity and a desire to deepen their self-awareness.

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